We Will Never Comply

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Bill Gates is one of the most despicable people living in our world today. A large owner of Monsanto shares, he openly states he wants to lower the world’s population - AND he wants to inject every single person on the planet with these experimental mRNA gene-editing chemicals. Bill Gates, a eugenicist, has experimented on populations in Africa and India with his experimental “vaccines”. He is not a doctor, he has no medical training, he is unelected, and yet somehow, he is giving medical advice to the entire world.

Here’s something to think about: the same people who created the WHO and the UN, also funded the Nazis through their company Standard Oil. They also brought controlling shares of IG Farben, the corporation that produced the Zyklon B gas for the Nazi gas chambers. After the Nuremberg trials, that company, IG Farben, was broken up and became Bayer today - who also just bought and merged with Monsanto. (A company that openly states it wants to control the world’s food supply, and whose GMO corn has been shown to cause infertility, sterility organ damage and cancer) Because much of the world has woken up to the evils of Monsanto, outlawing them in many countries, Bill Gates took their place and pushes the GMO food agenda today- only now he wants to make humans GMO as well with mRNA tech.

Bill Gates was also good friends with Jeffery Epstein.

To me this drawing was especially unpleasant to draw, but I felt it must be done. It represents the organizations, people, and true evil that is behind the “great” reset agenda and their New World Order.

Due to shipping costs - canvas prints are sold unstretched and will need to be stretched upon receiving them. It would be nice to send prints already stretched but it costs way too much to ship - especially with Biden gas prices/shipping costs - it makes a lot more sense to have them stretched locally where you live.