The Peoples General

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Giclée canvas print

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General Flynn is an American Hero. He has bravely withstood the persecution and attacks from the deep state establishment, who viciously tried to frame him and his family in a dishonest and manipulative setup. He has always spoken truth to power, as he did in the Obama administration when he made it known they were not being honest about what was happening overseas with the endless wars in the Middle East.

The cabal went after General Flynn when he became National Security Advisor for President Trump because they knew he had all the dirt on the corrupt deep state and he planned to audit the intelligence agencies. Today General Flynn continues to speak truth to power and is giving ordinary folks around the world the courage to do the same and to get civically involved at the local level. It used to be pretty frightening to speak publicly about the NWO but so see someone of General Flynn’s stature speaking loudly about these difficult truths, it gives ordinary Americans- and people around the world- the courage to do the same

To me, this painting represents the courage and bravery General Flynn demonstrates for the rest of the world to be fearless in speaking up for Truth, Liberty and Freedom for humanity.

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